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I completed the demo and i had a great time with it. My only gripe with is was the number of buttons you have to use. I like to play with an arcade stick/ fighting stick which has only 10 buttons to configure, so i couldn't make use of the shortcut function (which made the game much harder!). I would like it if i could use "up" as "jump" or "up + attack" as "special attack" or other combos. That would save buttons AND make it easier to master the controls.

P.S. Is that glove somewhere in the Demo? I did not find it.

Congratulation, you are one of the few people who completed this (a bit) unbalanced demo. Really, congrats.

We lock if we can do something about arcade stick, but, i think the normal pad is still the better option to play the game.

No, you can't find the glove in the demo. Is near but it's in a locked area. There are tons of locked or unreachable locations in the demo.