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Hello there! So let me start with the positive points first. The animation was pretty cool looking! I don't know why but I felt like an NBA player shooting some hoops! Also, I really like the wall grabbing mechanic. It was very well implemented!

Okay, now for the stuff that I think needs improvement..

I found the game too dark. When the shadows were gone, the game felt way better. If you want to add shadows, try not to make it too dark and also I suggest adding a faint glow around the character, as if it is also a light source like the flames. 

When time slows down, the player jump height decreases. Not sure if that's intended or not. I would prefer if you could still remained the same.

Another thing, I got stuck in the level where only the mouse can enter the small hole. There was a sleeping monster but the mouse just kept on going back and forth, the monster didn't wake up.

I think it would be nice to incorporate cayote time to your platfomer. Cayote time is allowing the player to still jump after going off the ledge for a short period of time. The reason why you do this is that sometimes, the player presses the jump button too late and they are already in mid air. However, the player believes they pressed the button when they were still on the platform.

I apologize if my review sounds too negative. But honestly, I was checking the GMTK comments and all they were saying was "well done!" "congratulations", then when you check the ratings, you could tell most rated low. I'm wondering why they even bothered praising you. 

Anyways, I got too carried away. I hope this helps you! If you need some help, I am also a GMS game developer :) I have experience in making platformers with GMS.

Hey,  I'm really thankful for your keen observation throughout the game, and I'm happy to hear that you liked the game. 

I'll be fixing the darkness as I also felt it a bit more darker than normal. 

And for the jumps when the time slows down... It's intentional... It was done to make it affect the player speed and jumps according to the time as it is out of control,  as per the theme of GMTK , but got less time to do then,  so... I added it later. 

And the level where you got stuck where the mouse goes down, might be because you are supposed to catch the mouse and then use the "s" key to spawn your mouse and not let it go on it's own. Well my bad at the level design though, my apologies.  I'm currently doing the basic mechanisms and adding  more stuffs to the game so didn't focus on the level design and game story.  ( recently added superhero landing and wall jumps ) 

And thankyou again that you dig so deep for this game even when it's not that polished. Ummm maybe the reason for my game to not get enough ratings... might be because it wasn't polished and finished. As GMTK being my first game jam, i was worried to make my game even playable at the very end of submission that led to many dropped ideas and led to a raw submission. ( I generally take a week or two to make a game )

And please feel free to put your reviews,  I feel thankful reading them wether it's  negative or positive I love both. 

I love GMS too, and sure I'll be troubling you with lots of questions. ;p