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Up until an hour ago, I was cautiously optimistic that I had written the first fishing trpg.

Not only did TIAGAF beat me by a mile, it's also ridiculously good.

The writing's super engaging---pulpy, fun, and everything feels like it makes perfect sense within the setting.

The game concept is also really strong. You're daring misfits on a post-apocalyptic anti-corporate fish heist. You punch mechs and steal pike from heavily guarded vault-aquariums.

Belonging Outside Belonging is a narrative-first kind of system, so it may not be for everyone, but TIAGAF also has one of the most engaging explanations of the Belonging Outside Belonging rules that I've seen in a game, so I'd encourage people who aren't sold on the idea of a roleplaying game without dice to still give this a second look.

For folks who already like Belonging Outside Belonging, TIAGAF takes the system a step further with its Resolution mechanic. Basically, for each Move, you choose the permanent result that happens every time you use it. Use the Move often, and you can choose a second permanent result that you can cause to happen instead.

The whole game channels this same sort of almost supernatural level of "yes and", with all player actions succeeding and the whole group just sort of one-upping each other to make the story more high-octane and ridiculous, and the whole time the wonderful flavor of the book is leaning right in and saying "what happens next?"

Overall, it's 36 pages, it's really clever, and it's worth the read. If you like fishing trpgs, get this one. If you like things that are good, get this one.

Honestly, it's Mirror's Edge but you're stealing carp. I don't know what stronger endorsement I can give a thing.


This is an incredible review thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed the read & thank you for brightening my morning!

It's a really cool game!

Also I wanted to ask, would it be okay if I put a link to TIAGAF on my fishgame's page? I want to promote this niche microgenre when I can, and I'd like to put links to other fishgames as I find them.

I've also updated the advertising for my game so that it's not claiming to be "possibly the first fishing rpg." I'd googled the genre before writing that line, but TIAGAF didn't surface in the search results, and now I'm wondering how many others I completely missed.


Go for it! That makes me delighted. I’m always on the lookout for more fishing RPGs!!