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It's a good idea that i really like, but the enemies are too hard for the start. I think it'd really help to have a place for info, such as what stats each animal has and a way to look at what a creature would do to you before hand. It's really annoying when you keep eatting animals and the only one that does you any good is the penguin''' Other than that it's a really cool concept that i'd love to see grow!

oh you are 100% right. The enemies are not at all balanced. I think I can post a table with the effects of the animals, but I remember doing that very last minute.

You see, I made this as my first roguelike, for the 2020 7DRL, in 7 days, and I tried my best to cram as many features as I could in a week. 

Like you, I really love the concept and I will absolutely revisit it for next year's 7DRL. Given that there is at least 1 person interested, I can try making small updates here and there, but I'm busy trying to make a different game right now.

Thanks for your feedback. And for playing :D


Nice! Thank you :)
I'm fine with waiting! I understand that your motivation has moved on from this to the next, and i'll definitely be watching for your future games!