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Well my issue with the harvester is that during construction you get a basic foot print of the zone of influence of a given raw material building but until you actually put the building down you don't know exactly the foot print and sphere of influence the attendant harvester would have. So you have to go by trial and error to get the optimal resource harvesting configuration, which costs you money because you'd have to demolish the harvester and sometimes even the core building to re-position it.

I recall other games that have this similar feature tend to let you put down the buildings and harvesters or other additive buildings first then let you click "finalize" before they appear and deduct the cost from your money pool. A good example off the top of my head would be the NOD Laser Turret in Command and Conquer 3 which consists of a hub building and 3 gun turrets, you put down the hub first followed by the three turrets before it is finalized and deployed, prior to that you can fiddle with its placement as you please.

An undo button would also do the trick I think.

Also with regard to train routes, there is a tab at the top that says Vehicles +/-, what does this tab do? Does it vary the frequency of the trains, etc? The most number of trains I've seen at one time on one route is 3.

Thank you for the reply.

Hm, an undo button would be nice. I see your point. And yes, that tab is to control the amount of trains on that route

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Just  to clarify; the number of vehicles tab on the route tab would denote how many trains would run the route on a given pay cycle?

May I also suggest adding a City tab that states in short hand or icons what goods a City produces and buys, and a button to zoom in on the said city with a click. This would be really helpful at the start of the game when figuring out which part of the map to plant your flag and how to orient your railroad network for optimal gain.