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But an argument in favor of fascism is something that it is not nor was it ever intended to be, nor is it a stance I believe in or ever stand for.

No, obviously not. I do, however, feel it is an argument in favor of centrism, which is often an unintentional enabler of fascism.

The worlds as a metaphor for bipolar disorder... Some things do make more sense in that light, but I would not have guessed that was the intended allegory if you had not told me. The repeated theme of personal happiness vs. societal responsibility is what muddied that for me; that is something I associate with political ideologies, not with personal experience, especially when the player is taking the role of an arbiter for other people.

If you wish to avoid political implications in the future, I would recommend avoiding plots about a group desiring to change the world fighting against a group desiring to restore a past era, because that is kind of the core of politics.