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Love the concept of this, curious as to how it came to be though. what are Type R glyphs? The text doesn't specify what happens if you are found to not be worthy of the powers. Does the vessel then step out of the circle? what happens if the vessel or the binder decides to resist in the middle of it but does not step out of the circle? Is stepping out of the circle the only way to end hte ritual? Curious to see/would love to know how this was made/what future projects there are!

Type R glyphs are a metaphoric language. You can see examples of them next to the elemental ritual variations.
What happens if you are unworthy is totally up to the Outsider, it cannot be predicted...not by me anyway.
If the Vessel or the Binder wishes to resist I would advise them to remove themselves from the circle. Often if an outsider detects your apprehension, they will remove them self from the circle for your safety, but they might not always notice you apprehension.
The fastest and easiest way to end the ritual is to remove yourself from the circle. I don't know of another way to end the ritual, but I'm sure another way could be found.

Currently there are no plans to expand this work, but I hope to update the scans semi-regularly.