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 I played your game (yes, I have downloaded it from Steam) and I don't know any words that can describe how thankful I am that this exists! I really don't know much about developing a game but seeing this and seeing how much work you put into this... it's just very inspiring! I was genuinely scared sometimes playing this game (it's a good thing) and I cried two times during it, specifically during your comments about the whole game. I don't want to post here the entire story of my life, but I am going through some tough times now and they probably won't end soon. This is really refreshing to see the game like that, it's messing with you, it 'knows' you, I love it.

 The soundtrack is amazing and the voice actor did a really really great job. I don't want to describe here my whole walking through this game and emotions during it but I think the scariest chapter was the train walk through and going to market in the dark; god, when those figures were standing around me, my heart was beating so fast, it was so creepy, weird and totally amazing experience.

I really like the way you were 'talking' to us, you aren't just a game producer that thinks "amount > quality". When you were talking through the game... it didn't sound like just empty words "I hope you liked this game" (of course I am not say this is bad, I'm just saying it alone sounds... kinda empty. "I hope you liked this game, leave me a good rating, go away") I genuinely could feel you talking to me, and I'm saying that it happens very very rarely, usually, the developers say just "I hope you enjoyed playing this game." or even nothing. 

I don't care if this game is 'crappy' for some people, it's the best game I have played in a while or even ever.

I don't really want to sound like a douche here, but if the creator of this game is reading this (Sirhaian), even only as a player, I'm so glad you made it and even if I have no rights to say this - I'm so proud of you, I don't care if I don't know you, you made me happy and I want to share it with you. 

And to everyone who are thinking about playing this game, play it. 

I just hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Thank you so much for making this post, Reedese. I don't really know what else to say than thank you. I'm really glad this experience inspired you in the right way, and that you enjoyed it. :)

Keep following the light! Even if the clouds are obscuring the sun, it's still there.


Damn, I never thought you would reply. Thank you so much. And I'm really glad you made this game, again (really, again) thank you so much and wish you a great day/night! :3