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I love the concept and the characters are cute but the controls need a lot of work. I downloaded this a few days before I played so I had to re-read the description to know how to control the fish. The controls also left so quickly I got stuck in one of the alcoves of the crystal room and had to restart because I missed there was a swim backwards button. Getting down the tunnel to the second turn spot was really finicky because it seems like its curved but the fish controls like a tank so making him twist and turn down the tunnel was a pain in the butt. 

Its not a bad game, you just have to work out some of the kinks in the controls responsiveness and maybe have the control tag stay up longer/put the full controls in the game description. 

It also might help to have a little more direction in the Crystal room, I spent a long time trying to swim at/around that statue becuase it was a slightly different color to everything else so I thought it was cueing me to do something with the statue. It took me a little while to realise I was ment to be looking for a path out.

thank you! yeah, a lot of people had trouble with the controls, although they're kinda unique by design (jam games woo) they're presented poorly and that's on me.  I'm looking forward to revisiting Idra to fix those issues and give it a little extra polish

I can dig them being unique by design so yeah just polishing the presentation and maybe making them a touch more responsive would be all they really need! I hope you have fun with the project going forward!