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Hi Nine Inch Tails, just wanna say i really enjoy your novel, both the design and how its written, despite how short it is. Would you eventually make a patreon for this novel? I was also wondering if you wanted to join a furry VN discord server, a lot of novelist go there to get help on  their projects and its also a nice place to know others.

I wish you the best in your future endevors 

Hey! I'm glad you like the game so far. :3 Also thanks for your interest in a patreon. I'm planning to provide some means to support development in the long run, which most likely will include a Patreon. Though this I'll postpone setting this up until I'm done finalizing the game mechanics (which should be quite soon) to avoid some pressure. ;3

Incidentally, you can already find me on the Furry VN server on Discord (look for my artist name Imiak); I'm not that active there very often, though. ^^

Thanks again!