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I'm working on another project right now. And it's keeping me pretty busy.  When I'll buy MV, can I ask you for some help? specially with the graphics.

Well I can handle doing the port right now while you work on your project? It'll save you the trouble I believe, and you can give your new project all of your focus.

How does that sound?

Sorry if it always takes me so long to respond. Pretty busy at work these days. If you don't mind I prefer to wait a little bit until I'm more free because I'm actually really interested in how this conversion works and I want to see it in details. If it's a problem for you, don't worry I will try by myself to port it

No worries. Go ahead and look into it yourself. The stuff to look for is VX Ace to MV Conversion.

Though if you have questions I will gladly answer them for you ^^

So how's the research going?

I've found a couple of interesting links but hadn't had a chance to try something, what do you think about it?


The MVFU looks interesting, the other 2 links though are of how to convert which I already know XD but thank you for the info about it. So what do you think of the process? The program I have can scale all the pictures, RTP Scaler. But this I would use for tilesets. So how is this all sounding to you so far?