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I don't have a problem with challenging.
For example there was one room where you had 2 moles and a bat close to each other.
First try I tried bruteforcing my way through but didn't make it at all.
But once I realized the pattern of these enemies and how they can be defeated, it was merely a matter of timing when to jump under the bat, so that the bat can't hit you anymore. From there defeating them was easy.
Noever had any problems anmore with that segment.

But as you also mentioned, the bees or whatever they are are just a bit too  random.
Sometimes they fly around randomly at the other side of the room but when you think it's safe and walk directly below them, they seem to directly aim for you.

The ghosts are okay, even though it's kind of hard when you are climbing down an area with a ghost in it.

Cause then the ghost will emerge from the ground and there's no way to defeat him beforehand.

So  you have to lure him above ground to actually be able to hit him.

But anyways, mostly savefiles and some way to know that acheckpoint is close would be great.

I am just the lucky kind of guy who, when given a crossroad will definitely always choose to explore the way that isn't a checkpoint.
While the checkpoint was literally 1 room away :-D