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At first I recommend replacing battery model with something which does not look like deattachable. Othervise the graphics is good.

It would be nice to add more IO like XOR (Exclusive OR), NAND (Negated AND) or simple negation. Also something to connect wires would be helpful (I remember a bonb which had 2 cur wires and I was thinking about connecting them but I could not find a way to do so).

It was easy for me to finish it (I expect it to be harder for others) but there was a lot of text which I did not want to read (but keep it there!, only thing I would change is animation speed).

Also recommend you to increase button time because of visualization. Probably add more LEDs into "bombs" (levels) because I think they were only in first few levels (tutorial ones?).

Level Editor would be nice (I expect you planning it).

PS: Do you plan adding different voltage (colors of active wires) to increase difficulty?