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OK I'm super hyped for this game because I've always wanted to work as a field linguist trying to figure out an undiscovered language and this seems exactly my kind of thing, shame it's not completed, but I'll look foward. Though I started the game only just a bit ago, the fact that I can't see stuff on the far left and right sides of the screen is bothering me. Doesn't matter if I play fullscreen or Windowed, and at several different resolutions, I'm still getting the problem. Took me a bit to figure out you're supposed to type stuff before you can move past the first guy, some instructions would always be good. Guessing the options aren't yet available but now I'm stuck after finding out a number of words, how to progress.

Unfortunately this game is dead bro

Not even you were sure about it. You asked the question.

Yep, and I still not sure, but anyways, the developers doenst responds to anyone since 2017 or so