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I saw from a forum post you had a downloadable version but I'm just seeing the browser version here... That aside, I'm quite liking the idea and theme, although I've seen similar "connect the path" puzzles before. The graphics are pretty beautiful as well. One weird thing I notice is that the timer keeps counting when you click the "go" button... Shouldn't that be paused to keep better track of the time?

Not even you were sure about it. You asked the question.

Oh yeah after a while I did start to think maybe that error wasn't intended, good to hear it confirmed from you. I look forward to your future VNs! :)

Oh wow, I didn't know ace jam was a thing, Mixed with yuri even, I'm looking forward to reading this.

I thought I was having problems with the game until I saw your video, since I kept getting an error and the game crashed at the end.

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Hm, kinda crashed after Charlotte revealed who she dated before in the game (that reveal definitely caught me off guard) although I was actually scrolling back up a line so perhaps the game had problems with that. Thankfully the skip button let me get back on track soon.

Edit: actually, I couldn't get beyond that point. Every time I get back there, the game crashes, saying it cannot access a save file or so even though I was just trying to progress through the game. Also Ada's sprite became transparent when I retried. I tried reloading from an earlier save point but I get the same result. Now I'm wondering if the sudden error is actually intentional, but that would be a pretty sudden ending.

Never mind, I checked the video... Yeah that error was too sudden... I thought there was something wrong with me scrolling the history. If your intention was to shock then it certainly succeeded, but I thought we were gonna get like a complete story to see how things unfolded afterwards... Ah well. I did enjoy the office setting though, but the story felt a bit underdeveloped to me.

Thanks heh

So I decided to try this for the second game from you that I was gonna try and, though I haven't gotten very far yet, I felt an urge to note the Salt to Sugar on the TV screen XD. I haven't played that one either, but just from the blurry outlines I could make out the characters from the game's page.

i see…

yeah I quit the game using alt f4 but that's not really a "native" way to quit the game. Any plans to support keyboard and mouse? I always find it a hassle to hook up a controller.

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I can't see the top of the screen on windows because it's above my monitor and there's no way to drag it down. Also I don't know what happened but I was reading the tutorial and suddenly the game started and I got a new highscore of 0. I assume it's possible I clicked on the switch though. Plus some CMD showed up when I started the game. Not sure what the deal with that is.

Edit: I had to resize the window down to see the top of the screen. Some sound effects would have been nice. When I close the CMD, the game window also closes.

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How do you start or quit the game or do anything? I tried using my mouse and the arrow keys, space, and enter. Nothing does anything.

I actually did go to the controls menu before playing (though showing them just in case might be a decent idea), but I think it's the presentation in your controls menu that needs some modification. You showed the left and right arrows and the letter A and D on top of them so I thought you meant that A and D "moves your ship left and right" rather than "A, D; and the arrow keys; move your ship left and right". I'd probably separate the A and left arrow into separate squares to show both keys are OK. Also are you thinking of perhaps showing a letter on the powerups like in Arkanoid? Since having to remember which colour is what is pretty difficult (although to be fair, you probably won't want to miss any powerup regardless of what it is). But at least now that I know arrow keys are supported it would solve that part of the concern.

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I'm two levels in and I'm rather bothered by the controls because of the lack of mouse or arrow keys support, and I haven't seen any shots to be fired thus far. It feels like more like a Highly Responsive to Prayers clone (breakout with gravity) than a pinball game since there are no flippers and you control essentially a paddle to bounce the ball back. I'm interested in the boss battle and shooter elements, as well as the retro aesthetic (I think the explosion and red exclamation mark stuff are pretty cool), but the lack of the control options I mentioned does put me off wanting to continue playing, especially since traditionally breakout styled games have always used paddle controllers.

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Cool concept of combining ET into a short version of Yume Nikki, it's like an arcade style version, although the link redirect is a bit off-putting. Also some sound effects would be nice. Edit: Plugged in earphones and heard some extremely soft sounds. Would be better to raise them to an audible volume.

Seems like a cool concept although learning the letters bit by bit without anything concrete seems a bit weird and at a point I'm not exactly what I should say anymore.

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OK I'm super hyped for this game because I've always wanted to work as a field linguist trying to figure out an undiscovered language and this seems exactly my kind of thing, shame it's not completed, but I'll look foward. Though I started the game only just a bit ago, the fact that I can't see stuff on the far left and right sides of the screen is bothering me. Doesn't matter if I play fullscreen or Windowed, and at several different resolutions, I'm still getting the problem. Took me a bit to figure out you're supposed to type stuff before you can move past the first guy, some instructions would always be good. Guessing the options aren't yet available but now I'm stuck after finding out a number of words, how to progress.

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Oh man, this was horrifying. I love the Twilight Zone and I think you absolutely nailed that black and white retro feel to it. Although I think it lacks a meaningful twist like many of the episodes had, which was its biggest appeal for me. It's a twist that teaches you a lesson or is thought-provoking, but I didn't really find this to have either quality (i.e. there's an unexpected "twist", but it's not really thought-provoking or teaches a lesson). Nonetheless I enjoyed this, and I'm looking forward to others. Love the font and prologue stuff.

I liked it, and I liked the flashing part with the lighter... Wish there was some explanatation about what happened though, cause you could still make an explanation without all details known to keep the spook.

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Aside from sometimes the ball going through the flippers, the most noticeable bug is that the flippers are usually stuck in the up position until I tap shift again - sometimes I need several taps to un-up it. Sometimes the lane doesn't light up when the ball goes through it. Those said, nice to see a pinball game that has objectives again like the real pinball machines.

Second playthrough. Saw the cake after walking around randomly and I figured out the goal only after reading the comments, but I too got lost after feeding Yuyuko 2 times and I couldn't find where I'm supposed to head to next. Maybe some indication such as an arrow would be nice.

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Honestly pretty confused as to if there's a goal in the game. Some instructions would be nice. I'm just walking around trying not to touch Yuyuko, but it looks from the comments like I'm supposed to pick up stuff to feed her, but I haven't figured out how those work yet. The music was really fitting, but I agree about the light being a bit too un-useful (Probably the fact that the Myon itself obscures vision contributes to the light not being as useful as it could have been).

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I got a "fatal error" bug that had to abort the game while I died during the eyes boss. I forgot to copy the details, but I think it was something like "unable to find object object25" and a bunch of stuff. Aside from that, I'm pretty satisfied with the game so far, although the movement is a bit buggy when changing from right to left when on keyboard (Reimu seems to halt every time). I realize this is intended for a controller, but it'd be nice to see that fixed as well. Glad to see a recreation of Touhou 1. Also, I think the effect of whacking the ball could be increased. Feels like whacking the ball barely sends it flying.

i saw them yeah, haven't gotten around to them yet though.

I downloaded this game 2 days ago or yesterday, I forgot, and I'm getting the timbre error on my first run of the game too, after Robin and Emmitt first did the practice thing and the goal got reached.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/code/story_mode/story.rpy", line 1233, in script
  File "game/code/story_mode/story.rpy", line 1233, in <module>
TypeError: wrotenewsong() got an unexpected keyword argument 'timbre'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/code/story_mode/story.rpy", line 1233, in script
  File "D:\B_my_stuff\Games_Windows\RockRobin_Beta-all\RockRobin_Beta-all\renpy\", line 806, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "D:\B_my_stuff\Games_Windows\RockRobin_Beta-all\RockRobin_Beta-all\renpy\", line 1577, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/code/story_mode/story.rpy", line 1233, in <module>
TypeError: wrotenewsong() got an unexpected keyword argument 'timbre'


I saw one of your games on Play Store but this is the first I played. I just like characters that people are scared of but in reality they've got nothing to be scared of, so that description caught my attention when I saw it on Recommended. It was shorter than I thought. I kinda would have liked to see Mochi and Treat's relationship develop some more, so I'm glad this is a series with several games in it. I think the beginning was really wel-done to establish the mood, but just in this game alone, I felt the interaction was a bit lacking. Maybe it'll be expanded upon in future games? I guess I'll find out. Overall, I enjoyed this short little story. Good to see you released the OST too, valuing the music you made on their own.

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OK I finished the game today. I wasn't expecting the RINE stuff, the hardships, misunderstandings, and watching the characters grow literally all in a single VN. Makes for something that seems "complete" and not just a fragment of the lives of the characters from a story. Great work! That last part where Hinata wonders how things would have played out if that one action was different is something I find myself wondering often.

Was short and seems like there's no resolution but I liked it for what it is. I actually got so scared I tried to exit the full screen because I was afraid there was going to be a jumpscare so the "ending" only flashed at me for a split second so I went back and played a second time. That's a good touch.

The word part confused me at first with how it's supposed to work but even after I figured it out I still find it difficult. Otherwise it is fun to play.

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I found this game absolutely phenomenal. I haven't felt interested in video games for several years but this game got me into it again. I love how the typing-shooting works. It's smooth and fluent and has a decent variety, and keeps the action fast-paced. The currency/upgrade system I thought was alright. The variety of weapons and drones are a good way to keep things varied, although they seem to lack clarity (I never really know what powerups are dropped until they're picked up). I'd like to see the words you type be expanded though, cause it does get a bit repetitive, although there's still a decent amount. Some things I'd suggest though, is that it seems that in the higher difficulty modes, there's case-sensitivity, but because the next letter is enlarged, I haven't been able to tell capitals from small letters most of the time. The different kinds of zombies also aren't very noticeable. Yes it mentions how some zombies have healing powers but nothing really seems to set it apart visually from the rest of it aside from it standing around without moving. Without some tutorial/menu screen that shows you how the different kinds of zombies look, I think some symbol that hovers near special zombies would be nice. I know the design is probably different, but it's just too small and non-salient to make out. Finally, I'd like to suggest some smaller enemies that are fast and take a single key to destroy, and boss battles, similar to Typing of the Dead.

i see.

Seems like an introduction to logic gates. Would be interesting to see an expanded version with more puzzles and gates. Not too big on the slow controls though.

Ah, I see. Thanks! So when you said there's another Easter Egg, you mean I would only find it if I had played One's Lonesome, Two's Company?

Haha. I intend to try the vampire one after I finish this one, I feel like it would be a good experience from the writing in this one and also I like that one's premise!

I haven't completed the game yet but I'm very impressed with the quality. The graphics are quite nice, and the story is really heart-warming and I really love it so far. The music is very enjoyable too and overall I've been having a good experience with it. I haven't exactly been playing games much as of late, but this one (even though it's a VN) has me plenty hooked. I'm really surprised to see the realistic Japanese references like "-san", "itadakimasu", "Shibuya", and I like the Easter egg "Yuri" in the train station. Haven't really come across stories with these details that are published in English. Anyway, great job, I love it so far!