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This is PBtA Golden Girls by way of Kingsman, and it leans all the way in.

Before even starting play, you're directed to have craft supplies, doilies, candles, a potluck dinner. Character creation involves cutting stuff out and pasting it onto your sheet. You're also supposed to play a grandma out of character.

It's in a very low-key way, but everything about this game is wild, from the art to the layout to the general tone. It's fussy and interested in sort of the same way that a grandma is, and I can't say there are many times I've seen a game that's as internally consistent as this one is.

It also radiates reckless enthusiasm.

There are random tables to roll for how many cats you have, and which are tilted strongly towards ridiculous numbers of cats. There's a random table where you roll your style sense and it gives you Hagrid From Harry Potter. You generate the random contents of your purse, and it produces exactly what you would expect to find there.

Gameplay-wise, you have anxiety to generate YASS points, which you use to canonically go super-saiyan.

If you want to do a specific thing, you roll the game's core pbta move: Do Whatever.

Again, reckless enthusiasm.

There's some other cool flourishes, such as a mechanic for seamlessly rotating the GM spot, and built in breaks during gameplay, but I think it's the overall energy of the game that's going to draw people in or push people away.

If you like hectic, get this game. If you do not like hectic, do not get this game.

I would personally recommend it, and I think it's really worth its price, but it's also a lot of things all at once, and I can understand if someone bounces off of it.

Minor Issues:

-Page 9, item 50, "panty host"


haha LOVED reading this, thank you!! "Panty host" lol (will fix the PDF soon). In actual play, it's up to the GM. I think half of the games I've played, as the rules say, it's perfectly okay if everyone just has fun having tea, gossiping and putting glitter on their character sheets and never got to the adventure. At XOXO Fest, I ran a super chill session at a tea house with an anxiety support meetup group, where all we did was color quietly and make giant buttons out of the art—equally fun as a gonzo oba-oba-obachan adventure in a different way. :D