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Thank you guys for made one more amazing game.

I followed your advice and started study java language.You guys inspire me. Despite the criticisms, your game is fun,enjoyable and intriguing, making me more and more curious about the story while I still gaming. Sorry for not can contribute more to your project. Thanks again ;).

Ps: continue "the station" please ! I already found the black sanctuary ! by the way was pretty tricky to found,but rewarding =)  , and I still play despite of no secrets to found. If in the next chapters you disponibilize a second player to join in the adventure will be awesome!!!   


Thanks for you feedback ! 

We ave a few projects in the works, but I can't wait to resume The Station even if I don't know when it will be, we have already thought about adding a 2 player mode and I think it will be cool indeed ^^

Good luck with your projects!


Thanks guys. You guys are amazing.