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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here:


1. I love the little tasks, they keep you busy while the story or the spooks progress. Also, they make you get familiar with the place which makes it easier to find stuff later in the game. 

2. The bunny was so cute, I immediately got worried about him. I wish there would be more interaction with Frank.

3. There are some good spooks like with the red dude or the TV (I guess you could even miss that last one).


1. The whole concept with the work is weird. You get there, work for 5 minutes and go back home before anyone else appears. One could think that you were the first one in and the last one out BUT the thing written about Alice's desk ruin this assumption because she didn't even have time to get to work yet on your way out. WEIRD. Maybe it would be beneficial for the game to make this sequence longer or add some explanatory text lines.

2. Also, I didn't really like hunting for the same objects in dream world as you did in normal world. Maybe it would be cool if the things would change place or the things themselves would change. I guess that would bring lots of opportunities for good spooks.


I loved it! I think the game still needs some polish and much more spooks) But I liked it the way it is now nonetheless. Moreover, I played the game before the update so something might have changed and I don't even know about it. I will rate the game 5/5 but I really wish to see the game further developed.

Also, I have a suggestion of spooking a player with microwave. I anticipated that from the beginning actually. Like when your bunny disappears, you might think that something horrible is happening. If at that moment the microwave makes some noise, I guess that would be terrifying. But of course, the player must find the rabbit well and alive after that somewhere else because the bunny is cute and precious and nothing bad must happen to Frank!!!!

Hope my feedback was useful!