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The game is amazing! Er, but whenever I get to December 22, it freezes and I'm forced to exit the game. Even when I open up my save files, it still freezes. 

Thanks for letting us know.  We've been trying different ways to try fixing that but I guess it hasn't worked yet. If there are any details you could share (like what types of events you've gotten, when you downloaded the demo, what type of computer you have, that kinda thing), that'd really help us out!

I'm glad you still like the game :).

Hm, I've mostly been focusing on Jeremy and literally just after the first date with him finished, the game froze. Maybe it has something to do with that? I downloaded the demo on: 26/05/2017. My computer is a Windows.

Of course I still love the game. It's really well-done and seeing as it is just a demo, it's understandable that there are a few bugs!

Thanks! We'll keep looking into what the problem could be.

Aw, yay, that's so nice to hear!