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Hi,amazing game!But still have some question...

1.Does this game support the  TRACK IR 5?I only see freetrack in the option menu.

2.When can we enjoy some more plane? Such as F-14 or F-15 in some demo video on youtube....Personally, F-14 is my favorite airplane.

3.The last QF-18 is really hard to take down, I can't catch them with cannon, the only way is to shoot semi-aa missile at long distance and keep lock on.

I have trackir working through a work-around via freePIE and vJoy.

Hi! Thanks for the compliment!

I'll try answer the questions as best as I can.

1. At the moment no, You can either use a workaround to get it to support the freetrack protocol at the moment. However I will be implementing TrackIR support in the near future as I have been in contact with them.

2. Soon, I've taken them down for now because they are not at the quality I'd like them to be at (mainly the cockpit views).

3. That's one way to take them down ;)