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I played this a while back and my god I adore the story and the set up, it's so dark but so sugar coated with this amazing fantasy setting. I really hope that you expand on this universe whether as another game or a story,  cause I could get behind any of them.

I also found myself making a character to suit this universe (a lil awkward Lizard man with some dark twists to him), well anyway, what I wanted to say was if there's any projects you need art assets for, I would love to offer my services for free if you'd like. Cause gosh to work along with your stories would be incredible! Anyway thank you for the amazing game and keep up your lovely work~

*insert broken record saying that I'm glad you enjoyed it* (We really are though! Amiralo and I worked hard while having fun creating this nano. =3)

Don't worry, I do plan on continuing it sometime in the future. (Considering 2 stories even, but not set in stone yet since it'll be quite some time until I work on them.)

Ooh, I'd LOVE to see your lizard man! =3 (I wonder what type of lizard he is, soooo many kinds~) Oh wow, that's so nice of you~ I'll be sure to keep you in mind in the future!