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I found two bugs:

  1. If you move as fast as possible, you may end up with 3 identical items in a row that don't collapse. You have to move back into one of them and recreate it for the game to register it as a valid trio.
  2. Once, the help system failed on me. I tapped it and it told me to only move one space over. I followed it and that did nothing. So I tapped it again and it told me to move a different space over. That, too, yielded nothing. (They weren't bombs, either; I was starting at 6 moves.) I ended up wasting two help points, and from then on I've resolved to never use it again unless it will generate a bomb.

EDIT: I think it just matched me 4 of a kind even though my hand was two teals, two reds, and one of something else. I'm not sure of what was going on there. This has all been on the Android version, by the way.

EDIT #2: I'm also having problems with accidental swipes. It might be a comparative lot to program, but it'd be really nice if movement could be optionally grouped into two phases: "planning" and "execution," in which planning is like structuring your character's movements in the way that the tutorial shows it (and then you start the execution, which cancels all movements the moment that points are landed). This would get rid of the problem of accidental swipes—and leave me with no excuse! lol.