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Hi! I played and liked your game very much, thanks for putting it together. It was nice. (Found it via RPS.)

I wanted to ask you one thing: could you please attribute the music to its author? It's Sarabande (a slow dance movement), from a suite by Handel - or rather an orchestral "remix" of a keyboard (harpsichord) piece, made by Leonard Rosenman for the Kubrick movie Barry Lyndon. This orchestral version is the most well-known.

So your credits screen actually says so (HWV is sort of a "Handel's legacy index", like BWV is for Bach), but for some reason it also says "by Alexander Briger" (Briger is the conductor of the specific recording you used).


I'll be sure to correct that in the next update, thanks :)

If you have any suggestions for how to word this credit so it doesn't occupy half the screen, it would be much appreciated. You seem to know much more about this piece of music than I.


Well, just put it like this:

G. F. Handel - Sarabande from Suite in D Minor (arr. by L. Rosenman)

...and an optional smaller line that may say "XXXX orchestra, conducted by A. Briger" if you know which orchestra did the recording. HWV (opus number) and other stuff is optional, it's like correct bibliographic info in references list.

Thanks. I updated that in there. :