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I probably got on the band wagon for this game too late. BUT, I have to say; it truly is a very captivating game. (Video below if anyone's interested.)

Something about the environment and the mannequins was really, really alluring and made the player want to play more. The dark tone, creepy background music, the creepy looking mannequins go really well together like a puzzle piece and makes the game wholly great and a fun experience. 

The mannequins were honestly very scary, especially the scene that you played out in the room with the table. Was very sinister and sent out very creepy vibes. Loved how it changed when you got back to it. Even the part when you view it from the security camera and the mannequins are moving around, really creepy as well. 

The puzzle was also good; where you need to flash your torch onto the stone to get the key. Though that has a lot of potential, where you could have put messages around the map and those would be little Easter eggs for the player. 

And if I wasn't cared of mannequins, I definitely am now. Was a blast to play and go through the game. Cannot wait for more and good luck for future projects!