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Yo, played I'm kind in love with this game.

There some notice about combat i ve been made.

1) Cowgirl ride seems the most bugged. You can't cum when enemy rides you, and everyone want to ride you when you down with full erupt (even ogre wtf?). And its quite opposite when you ride enemys, so they insta strungle... no fun at all. 

Guess need some prioritets change. Cause of it you realy rare will adopt 69 (need to be lay down and both dicks not erupt). And when you does, text messages not fit in bracket... (=

2) Also can't rly build erupt without using taunt. Kind of hard when you try to play TOP char. Guess lust and erupt should be independant parameters...  cause when lust overwelming opponents instantly cum. -_-

3) And last notice... there should be some way to roll over opponent, or abuse them while they on knees... it hard to caught them in right moment in right possition even when you are a way better.  $)

But general game is great, can't wait to see it fluid with arts.

1. Yep, this is mostly fixed in this month's version, in that only Trudy tries to ride you - the actual mechanics of it aren't fully fleshed out.

2. This is something that will be addressed - overall the arousal mechanics are unfinished (see point 1).

3. Yeah, getting opponents into position is going to be easier; in particular, they won't always be able to immediately stand up (and that'll be true for the player character as well).