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Looks cool and promising. The core idea is pretty solid :) You should definitely try a Kickstarter! You got solid gameplay and a plan for expanding upon it.

A few minor things: I had a lot of rebelling people, and not a lot of ways to deal with it except for expending power to shush 'm. I'd like some more political actions to deal with unrest, e.g. vote on using military power to stop it or a vote of no confidence to oust a (higher ranking) noble to stop unrest.

There are a couple of other populace actions, which are a tiny bit stronger. I like them, in that they have major cost and requirements associated with them, but they might be a bit weak. I've also noticed that spending power is often the best choice, rather than use those other actions. I'll need to look into balancing it.

For the populace actions:

I think an expansion of ways to get evidence on someone is needed to make the 'blame entourage' action work. If for instance a lord is gaining evidence (because he is enthralled for instance), maybe this trickles down to his/her entourage simply by association? That would make it a lot more viable course of action.  Maybe also dependent on the liking for the lord, where an entourage member  gains faster evidence if he is positive about the lord.

The blame peer option might need some refinement, if you rename it to 'blame ally' that would make more sense given the positive liking requirement. You could then make it that only people who have a positive liking of you/the ally will be angered. Why would the opposition dislike you for destroying your own alliance?

I think forcing you to share evidence with your entourage is a good idea, because it means you have to first find someone you like in your entourage then betray them. Its problem is just that it's a bit weak. It might be good if it removed all evidence, or even forced everyone world-wide to stop suspecting you and start suspecting them. Similar for the other action, blame peer. Renaming it to "blame ally" sounds good, though, it makes it more obvious what it does.