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I'll do it. I've already signed up to be a tester and am currently downloading the game to my phone now. I'll put my feedback in this post once I've playtested it.

Do you need it testing on multiple devices? I have several Android tablets lying around to test on if so.


I tested the game on a high-end Android smartphone and a mid-range Android tablet and I gotta say I'm like what you've made here. There are a few things that could be improved though. Made it to level 4 before giving in.

  • It would be nice if as each ability was introduced, there was a short tutorial before the level as to what it does as the icons don't really show the player enough as to what each ability does.
  • The back button should be able to close the help screen.
  • Difficulty goes from zero to 100 real quick. This would put a lot of new players off. A gradual difficulty increase would be better.
  • No sound. (Not sure whether this is a bug or if sound hasn't been added yet.)

I also found a bug where on level 2 the text was hidden (both on the HUD and on the menu) between the scenery towards the far right of the level. Here's a screenshot. (This bug happened on both devices I tested it on.)

The game ran well on both devices however the game took a while to initially load on the tablet although this probably more of a hardware issue above anything else. The tablet also got fairly hot during gameplay, again this is a hardware issue as this happens with many other games on the tablet. (The smartphone did not experience those issues.)

Overall it's a good game. I was a fan of Lemmings as a kid (used to play it all the time in Year 4 at primary school) and it's refreshing to see an Android game that actually has something unique to it rather than being the same old shovelware or cloneware you tend to see on Google Play (e.g. Candy Crush clones, Flappy Bird clones.etc.) I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

Hi Mark,

It's not necessary to test on multiple device (but if you have time it's a bonus for me :) ).

I'm really waiting for your feedback, Thanks a lot :)

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I'm currently testing it out as we speak and I'm currently typing out all feedback (so far) in a Word document which I'll then copy and paste over when I'm done.

EDIT: Testing on both a smartphone and a tablet.

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I've tested the game on two devices and have added feedback to the post. I tested it on a high-range device and mid-range device however if you want me to see how it runs on a low-range device (dual-core CPU) let me know and I'll bring that out as well.

Thank you Mark.

Good idea for the tutorial about abilities ! I understand why it's necessary.

I will make the help screen better. I admit I did it quickly.

Yes level 4 is very hard. The big difficulty I have now it's to make level with gradual difficulty as you said. I have never realized how difficult it is to make levels .... I can make a new level in 5 minutes, but to find if it's a good level, it's not easy. The only way I found is to test those level with real users.

Yes no sound for the moment I need to find someone who can help me.

Thank you a lot for your useful feedback !