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The atmosphere was really well made; the noises, darkness, ambience and environment went together really, really well to make on great atmosphere throughout the game. It kept up the sense of ominousness  and scariness throughout the whole game. (Video at the bottom if anyone wants to watch!) 

The sense of something might be behind was really well made too; with the closed spaces and the moving mannequins, it just went really well together. The story was not bad too, the ending makes the player think if things are normal or whether something else other than what they experienced throughout the game might be happening.

The only thing I thought that was strange was the brown circular corridor at the end. I thought it broke the immersion because it was suddenly different from everything else. But other than that, the game was really well made!!

All in all, a pretty well made short horror game! Can't wait to play Urbex and also future games by you; you've seemed to nail down sounds and atmosphere!