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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed both of their routes. I've got some questions posted on the front page you can answer, if you care to.

Dimitri is adorable, isn't he? After writing that jerk Neil, Dimitri was a breath of fresh air. The first two chapters were a lot of fun to program, as Dimitri's sprite changes a lot, and it was raining which adds to the mood. Backgrounds were also fun to draw, so I'm pretty happy working on his route. But first, I have to actually finish his script haha.

There's actually no layering issue here :)

Basically, if you're making a dress, the skirt part will cover the top part, and thus the top's hemline will be hidden. If you want the hemline of a top to show over the skirt, you're going to have to create a top and skirt separately, and put them together when dressing up. It's made this way on purpose so that both combinations are possible!

I'll post my answers to the questions in the feedback thread, then! I completely forgot about those, aha,,

Dimitri is just absolutely adorable. Neil is definitely a handful (ah, haughty princely characters, how you frustrate me) but I think you did a good job at balancing his cold nature with warmer moments without making him seem completely unbelievable. I definitely appreciated the rainy moods and sprite changes, they really add atmosphere to the scenes. And oh, gosh, you backgrounds are so nice? I always end up pausing to admire them.

That makes sense! Aah now I feel silly for not realizing but in that case it all works very well!