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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here:


1. A very cool and original mechanic with the needle. I think it's very impressive! 

2. I love the monster. It's so creepy and weird - the perfect monster for a horror game.

3. The lore behind all of that is very interesting. I love that the game has secret rooms and notes that reveal more of the story. That is very cool. I hope that in the full version secrets will be everywhere))

Disadvantages (I played before the update though):

1. Very buggy. I broke literally everything. I fell into neverending pit and quitting and continuing always returned me there. So I had to start over. For some reason after that the game started lagging as hell. Also, if you look at the picture and press escape, the game freezes. I broke everything I could XD. You can see that in the video. Would be great if you could fix it anb if my vid would help you).

2. It was very strange how this monster with such long legs can not step over a thread. I think the game "ParanormalHK" has the similar monster but they can even walk on the ceiling. I think that would be more terrifying if the monster could walk on the ceiling or the walls.


I enjoyed that a lot. I think this game is wonderful. Though, it is soo buggy, Not cool! Still, I would rate it 5/5 as it is only early access. Keep up the great work!  

Hope my feedback was useful!