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i have all the top scores on this game, I discovered it a few months back and became addicted. Great work.

My real question is what prize do I win for being the best in the world at your game.

 Let me know if there is anything I can do to spread the word to find someone to challenge my high score, they will not succeed but,  worth a shot

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Hey man I'm glad you like it! I'm re-writing it from scratch right now so I can port it to android when I finish.

The thing with the scores, is that the scoreboard is actually only local, it only saves the scores to your computer and unfortunately there is no online scoreboard so you can't see other people's scores, only previous versions of your own. When you play it the first time on your computer and see that the scoreboard is already filled out, they are just preset, as a sort of goal-making system.

I'd love to hear what your high score is though! Mine is   141080, although I'm not really sure that counts since I'm the developer :P

Although it's been year so i doubt you'll see this but my high score currently 178,598. What's your score?

High score still holding at 141080. I'd say you've got me beat, but since the only possible scores to get are multiples of 10, I don't think it's possible that you achieved a score of 178,598 ;)

Is it possible that its because I wasn’t able to finish the game? I play a lot at school so whenver games can take half an hour or more i can’t always finish. I assure you 100% though that a liar I am not :-)

Yo, Tech-Nostalgic. You ruined my life. I got so addicted with your game I failed all my classes. I hope you're happy. Anyway, I spent three+ consecutive hours earning my official high score of 349,750 on the Coolmath version. If scoring is different and that's less impressive, then my life has been wasted. But I do want you to know that I truly enjoyed your game; it is honestly one of my all time favorites. Thank you for it, and I didn't actually fail, btw, but the game was very addictive and did cause me to not do homework a couple of nights. God bless you. 

Awh stop, you'll make me blush 😊

But nope, scoring system on Coolmath games is the same as it is here! So that's a life well wasted, if you ask me. May I ask what about this version do you think is better than the sequel?

I enjoy this version over the deluxe because I prefer the bombs to immediately explode rather than a ball being wasted to cause the detonation. I enjoyed the idea of the 1x4 block that went straight down, but it didn't really feel right, and if you place it sideways, it would fall straight through. The idea of the colors and their relations was innovative but really a little too much for me. One thing I do prefer about the Coolmath and Deluxe version is the opportunity to instantly bring it all the way down, whether it be via x button or space, and that is the main reason I play the Coolmath version instead of this one. I really love the original, and I think the patterns and procedures that I had to learn along the way to win was very entertaining. I think this is a case of simple is best, and I do have sentiment with the original.  You are a genius and a master of your craft, and I once again applaud you for your masterpiece of a game.