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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but couldn't find exact details anywhere. Do the enthralled types currently change anything besides what it says on the tin? From where I see it, there's no reason to pick a dark one over a lord of the broken. Or anything over a lotb really, since they produce no evidence at all without player action.

Not a dumb question at all, just an inbalanced feature. I did notice that lords of the broken were a good choice, but hoped that the advantages of the others would at least somewhat compensate. The dark ones generate shadow passively, so save you a very small amount of power. Vampires are more likable and the cheap one is cheaper. I'll look into making the others a bit more competitive in the next version.

Cool, thanks for the quick response. While on the subject, got a suggestion for a new enthralled type: 

It wouldn't be available for use at the start of the game, rather a regular enthralled would be converted into it by a ritual similar to the malign gateway ritual, almost immediately prompting lightbringers to start popping up. If the ritual succeeds, it would unify all enthralled and enshadowed lords into one empire under the buffed enthralled, give it a new "Minions of the shadow" type name, and immediately prompt any uncorrupted lords to declare war on the new empire and start the lightbringer process, if they haven't already.

The idea would be to spread the shadow from a smaller, less powerful kingdom, before gaining military strength through the ritual, instead of through the traditional way. The player would have to make use of trickery and misinformation in order to avoid their enthralled duchy being discovered before enough of the land was enshadowed for the ritual to be worth the risk. My idea of it might be OP as hell, but creating a dark-lord type figure would be an awesome way of prompting a dark vs light end game war, imo

These are good suggestions.

Version 10.1 is now downloadable. Has "dark empire" where you have to build the dark beacon, cast the ritual, then all enthralled can join their societies together. Dark one enthralled are now the default, their darkness doesn't increase naturally but they do spread it down to their entourage, so those become broken faster, to make them better able to manage their city.

I'll look into the whole "make your society gain military power through ritual rather than the normal way" in a bit, but I'll need to think about that.