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I love this game so much, and now that I've completed all of the routes it just leaves me with an empty feeling. Positively,  mind! Like knowing that you want to play more but that there's nothing more to do :( In terms of character I liked Karma the most (and you're dating a CROWN PRINCE. I mean how fitting is that?!) but in terms of overal storyline I liked Waltz more. The only thing I kinda regretted was that there was no way for me to side with Mother! Call me evil, but I'd have loved to see a Varg/Mother route in which Lucette hasn't really changed at all. Or maybe some sort of route in which you redeem both of them.

Any chance this game could get an expansion? Maybe too much to hope for though, lol. Anyway, thanks for making this amazing game!

Hello there. We're very happy that you enjoyed the game. Thank you so much!

The fandisk (afterstory) is already in the works now, but it will be commercial this time and will be sold for $10. :)