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Hi, Congratulations on the first place in LD 38 innovation.
I have a MAC and when running it is giving this message: "Missing directory 'COMPUTERS'!" , If you need more information just ask!

Dang. Is there a directory "computers" next to the .app?

Yes, in directory have 5 files, bridge, exam, learn, schlangenspiel, test.

I don't really know what the problem is then. :-( Does it work when you move the "computers" folder into the .app?

Nop, I try all the permissions and I switch to application folders too, but nothing! I do not know where the application needs to find the directory.

The app finds the folder either directly in the same directory, or inside the .app - if it doesn't work I really don't know what is happening. I just removed the dust from my old Mac and tried the .app myself, and it works without any modifications. :-/ Sorry!


Ok, very thanks!