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I almost called this game "wax seal", but I wanted to leave things open.

The way that I expected to run the game was going to be, I think, primarily mechanical with *some* narrative, with players managing something from a distance.

One of the concepts I had been considering was:

--> Each player is an orphaned child of a king, a queen, or some other noble, sent to live in safety in a distant tower. They can't go back home because their country is in turmoil and they have too many enemies there, so they rule from afar, vying to make their country safe for them to live in again (but also, every other player has their own country, and if your country is overrun... well, you'll have little to return to).

I had only idly been thinking of ARG-ey-ness. It'd be cool, but limiting?

I'd be interested to hear (as usual) what people think - do you want something ARG-ey, or is it okay if it's more clearly fictional?

edit :: posted this before i read ploogle's post! that sounds cool! getting report cards :)

I think I'd enjoy something without ARG elements more. Being part of a story or interacting with a world is more compelling to me than straight puzzle-solving. I like puzzles too but I don't feel the need to uncover a hidden world through math and analytics.

I guess when I say ARG, I don't mean... the traditional mechanics of ARGs, more like, pretending to exist somewhere in the real world.

That pretty much makes it an ARG just by itself. I dig it! 😀

I think you might be a bit confused as to what an ARG is...