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when you don't now what to do next : 

Hehe nice job! ^^ I've got a lot of comments about the endless mode and that there's no ending. And that is true, there is currently no end. I have however in the new update I'm working on made endless mode scale endlessly. The update will also come with other features and maps to spice up the gameplay. I really appreciate that you took the time to play my game until the end, it means a lot. Thank you :)

thank you for making such a fun game  : )  good luck with the future of your game and I have a suggestion : you should make a mobile version, it's a great game to play in the bus or when you have free time.

Thanks, I would love to do that! I do feel that the game needs a good bit of polish and work before it's ready however^^ But I'll keep working on it and perhaps it will be ready for a mobile release some day :)