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Video Review and Playthrough

I recently got a chance to review and play your game on my stream and I gotta say that I loved the art style and the puzzles! There were a couple suggestions that I gave in my stream so I'm hoping that it can be helpful (I'm not that good at reviewing games but I'm working on it).
I'm really looking forward to what else y'all are going to be making and I'd be more than happy to play them on my stream!

Thanks so much for playing through the entire game and making a youtube video about it! I enjoyed watching you play through and it was cool to see you get the double jump and finish the hall of mirrors!

I totally agree with having a shortcut to return to the witch and will definitely implement that if we try to turn this into a full game. Thank you for the comments about the sfx being a bit too loud; it became a lot more noticeable to me once you pointed it out. I think audio is probably our weakest area and we'll definitely put more work in improving it!