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Sorry I just saw your comment now! Please use them! I would love that. Fell free to donate if you want. It will be very much appreciated! And don't forget to share the link to the stream! :D

PS: if you could post a link to this page on you stream it would be very helpful :)


I will definitely do that! Thank you so much, sir! You can find your work on Thursday night @6pm PST!

Chronos World

Have you tried setting these up in the Foundry? Do you have a recommended map size and grid unit size? I seem to be having trouble making all of the walkways and doorways fit a grid properly.

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I've only tested in roll20... With a unit size of 70 pixels, these are recommended dimensions: 

  1. Ground and 2nd Floor: 32x22 units (2240x1540).
  2. Cellar: 28x36 units (1960x2520).

Those settings worked great in The Foundry, thank you, sir!