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Hey! Sorry for the delay! 

To make these files work with newer versions of the FXMaster module, I removed the default particles behavior from the scene files and instead included a macro file that you can import (using the same steps of the scene files, but inside, using a new macro inside the macros folder) and activate the underwater effect when desired by clicking it.

You just have to download the files again and import what you need. The macro file is included there also. Or, just copy and paste this into a new script macro:'fxmaster.updateParticleEffects', [{"type":"bubbles","options":{"scale":0.8,"speed":0.5,"lifetime":1,"density":0.05,"tint":{"apply":true,"value":"#6e8891"}}}]);


(But you'll also need to re-import the scenes, or else it wont work.)

I hope this helps! Thank you for your support.

Hello! I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing some issues with these files. I'm currently on the road traveling, and I'll only be able to take a look at it in the weekend. I hope that's not too late! I'll try to give you some solution by than. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Thanks for the info, buddy!! ❤

Fala, amigo! Já tive PayPal mas ele dá MUITO problema... Se quiser fazer por pix, me manda um email em franciscowarmling no gmail ponto com e a gente conversa! 

Obrigado e abraços. 

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Map commissions are always complicated because I can't charge you for the amount of time I need to make something this detailed. But there are some things that we can do to solve this. 

Firstly, you can have the source files to edit these maps in DungeonDraft (to clean it up, and add furniture as many times as you want, for ever), if you donate 5 bucks. DungeonDraft is not that expensive and relatively simple to use. 

If that's not your cup of tea, I can upload an empty, cleaned up version of the house, and you and your group and GM can populate it in your VTT using free assets you can find online (2 minute table top have some really good ones). Then, if you like this empty house, you can make a donation based on how much you think this is worth to you.

But, if you really want to commission a fully decorated house, DM me on twitter (@nqatsi) or reddit (u/nqatsi), and we can talk!

Thanks for the contact and support

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I was actually running through Amazon Web Services, not locally. But it sucks that The Forge doesn't let you create folders... I'm glad that you can at least upload them and set the dir manually.

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Hello! I exported the maps again from Foundry version 8.8 and it should be compatible now.

If you're using The Forge and don't have access to the your data dir, you can upload the webp files using the Tile Browser. Navigate  to data/modules, create the folders (1.) like the tutorial says (2.) and upload the images (3.):

EDIT: Looks like The Forge doesn't let you create folders. If you're having this issue, see the reply bellow.

I know that you already have the files set up by now, but if you have trouble doing it using the steps above let me know.

Thanks for your support and sorry for the trouble.

edit: I'll do the same for the other maps that have foundry files next.

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Hey! Sorry I was sick during the weekend so I'm replying just now (Monday morning for me).

I'm sorry to hear that you've had problems importing the files... It seems that something broke during the update for the 8.x version of Foundry. I'll investigate it and come back to you...

Thanks for letting me know!

That's so cool to hear! And tose tokens really match the Dungeondraft style.

Thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate it! : )


obrigado, sapo! ;)

Good catch! it's all fixed now! thanks! :D

Hi! Thank you for you interest. But these files were created with DungeonDraft and Krita, so I don't have psd files for the maps... If you're interested you can checkout DungeonDraft here:

Thank you my friend! Enjoy the maps!

Thank you for your support! :D

Awesome my friend! Thank you very much for your support!! I hope you enjoy the maps! ;)

Thanks! That means a lot to me :)

Hey buddy! Sorry that I never replied! I'm very glad that you like the maps! And those tokens are really cool... they sure match the style! :D

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Thanks my friend!

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Thank you for your support! ;)

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Hmm there is not an actually empty version of it, but if you have Dungeondraft installed you can have access to the project files and change every single element as you wish!

*edit: source files come with a tip of $5+ :)

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Thank you!

I'm releasing Tammeraut's this week, and after that I plan to comeback to make The Salvage Operation next!

I'm very pleased to know that you enjoyed the maps! Don't worry about buying them again... But you can save for the next one! I'm working on Tammeraut's Fate right now ;)

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ok, I think I know what is the problem. Instead of using the Upload button in your gallery, just  drag and drop the image from the file explorer in your OS  directly into your map grid in the browser

I'm pretty sure this will fix it. I'll update the instructions. Thank you for the heads up!

Hey! Thanks for your support!

Can you tell me a little bit more about the issue you're having? What browser are you using? I'm asking because I tested the files on Roll20 and they uploaded it with no problems on my end. Let me know so I can help you :)

Thanks! Well, these files are intended to be used as a virtual tabletop RPG (D&D) supplement. These files are made to be used with those kinds of software. 

I appreciate your interest but these files are actually under a non-commercial license. You can check it out here:

I'm so glad you like it! Thank you very much!! :)

Thanks for your support! :)

thank you for your support! ;)

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Hi! These maps are under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license, so unfortunately no...

Thanks! So nice to hear about you experience with the maps! And yes, I want to release more maps, but sometimes personal life gets in the way :P

Don't worry! More people might have the same question :)

thanks! I can't distribute only the row boat, but you can find one in the default assets for Dungeondraft, if you use it! :)

Hey! There are specific files inside the zip file that are compressed to be used with Roll20! Check the instructions above under "Using these files with Roll20" :D

Thank you for your support! I hope to have something new soon(ish)! :)

awesome! PayPal was the only option I had. The moment Stripe was available I changed to it in the same day! Thanks for the feedback! :)

Awesome!! Thank you very much for your support! I wish I could make these maps faster! Hehe

Thanks! Glad to hear that! :D

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thank you very much! Feedback like this makes me very happy! I'm trying to find some time to finish the next map and I don't think it will take too long to be ready! Thank you for your support and have fun at your games!

Thank you very much! I'm so glad people are enjoying these maps! I'm currently working on the map for Danger at Dunwater. Here is a sneak peak :)