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TY! But umm i got a 404 saying it got deleted...

Yep, I had to pull it. Basically, it's a disaster D:

I'm working hard to get a working version out ASAP. The issue stems from the fact that the encryption is so good it cannot load its own files (lol).

Ahh i thought i was just dumb lol!

TY sorry to keep bothering u!

Take your time we're all just excited thats all, you're doing great!

Ohh you're not bothering at all, it's good to have player feedback - especially since I released it blindly and no one was able to boot it up! I will try and get a working fix today, and as a bonus for the inconvenience, I'll add glasses as an accessory option to the game :)

YAY!!!!! EXTRA EXCITED NOW! (>.<) ty!


Happy to announce a working version has been uploaded! Go download and play :D