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Hey Nine Inch Tails, first of all, with respect, you have a name that is difficult to remember and write, and then your game has a very interesting story, even if there is a very short demo, and then always with all the respect and know that mine is just an observation, on the home page there are 2 images that are not present in the demo and above all you also see 2 of the characters that you do not meet even once in the demo. As I said mine are alone non-critical remark I have what.

However I hope with all my heart that you will continue.

Thanks for your interest in the story, there's definitely more to come, even if it's gonna take some time. As for the images and chracters on the page, the description and pictures shown there are for the whole game, so naturally not all of it is included in the demo. But they will be introduced, once I have finished the first regular chapter.