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Not bad as a game and a story, seriously. I can see practically all the characters we interact with who are super pumped with muscles, I'm not saying that this makes it less beautiful the game, let's say that in my opinion if at least some of the characters had in shape but without being excessive it would be more realistic. As I said it is just my observation nothing more.

I hope to see more of that too.  Maybe when we get the pool area completely installed.  Thanks again Vaangrey   =3

Nice one, good job! I love the style, the over the top physiques and I agree with Vaangrey. The introduction of lean, normal, chubby and smaller characters will add to the game. I like beef, but variety is the spice of life (and spice makes beef even better).

Note to self, make life spicier in the House of Beef   =3

Thank you for playing bara78    x3