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Sounds mostly lovely, the only thing I'm a bit :/ over is the "no online payments" part. Not even because it's hard for the players - just fun and different, mostly - but because it'll be difficult for you to handle. Imagine getting letters with bills in 47 different currencies...

EDIT: This is a bit weird, how this post is presented through the itch.io forums - as an indented reply of some sort... This'll take a bit getting used to!

haha! well there's that, and then there's also the whole "don't send cash in the mail" thing. cheques are a lot safer, but not everyone has those...

i'd be happy to deal with getting bills in other currencies. sounds like a blast, tbh

Doesn't it cost money to exchange currency?

oh no these boxes are becoming tiny.

yeah, probably >_> i wonder if i get a bulk discount for exchanging several types of currency at once

i'd be extremely tempted to keep bills as souvenirs, haha