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I have grown strangely obsessed with this game. I feel it's stylistically harmonious to a considerable degree; it favourably reminds me of the style 3D console games had 20 years ago, except designed with more modern technology. The soundtrack especially feels super refreshing yet nostalgic.

I really enjoy digging up stuff and investigating artifacts for lore, but also just exploring and observing critters without having to worry about hunting them or being hunted. Can't wait to get a bigger backpack.

I have some slight stability issues; usually when I continue the game from the cave mouth and immediately enter, it crashes the following minute or so. (But if I start the game again after, it spawns me in the cave and all is well, so I've just been doing that...)

Once I managed to glitch through a cave wall into the backface of the level (I'm an incessant jumper) and had to sit it out until I fainted and the cave reset. Good thing that happened very early, so I wasn't attached to that layout. Haven't had that problem since, though.

I'll probably be coming back. It's rare to have this type of game avoid the typical fight-or-flight mechanics of stabbing monsters. :)

Thank you for the kind words, we're really happy you've been enjoying the game :)

We will look into those stability issues you are having, I'm glad they haven't gotten in the way of your enjoyment.