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After doing more research, I decided to change the license. From beginning, I planned to no need to credit/attribution for those who purchased my asset while giving specific term of use. However, I couldn't find the suitable license. So, at the time of this page update, I decided to use my own term inspired from many licenses from many devs's and license's term.

Those who purchased the asset before the time of this comment can choose to use CC BY 4.0 license or use the recent license. Thanks for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.


I totally agree, I think credit has to be mandatory given regardless of free or paid versions.

Yes agreed. I will relax with mine though. So, it is optional but very appreciated :3.

Also, I changed the license again so it is optional to credit me, which I forgot to change earlier to that after I released the new Dot Battler Pack asset :3.

Also, thanks for the comment!