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Unfortunately, several people have had issues with this. The developers did look into it, but could not find any reason for it not to work, and suspect this might somehow be a windows issue. But I don’t think anyone checked the size of the plugin before, perhaps that is indeed important somehow.

Some people experiencing this issue were able to get around it by running the game as admin and in compatibility mode. If you have the game unpacked somewhere else at the moment, it might also help if you moved it to Program Files (x86) and then gave it the appropriate permissions.

You can check if your SAPI works fine otherwise by pressing windows+r, pasting in c:\windows\system32\control.exe then navigating with tab and enter to Ease of Access, Speech Recognition, Text to Speech. But it’s probably going to work there just fine.

Since you bought the game on here, you now have a DRM-free copy that you can take with you anywhere. So if nothing can be figured out, I hope you can manage to borrow someone’s computer. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. :(

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried all that with no luck, and also tried running the game in a VM with a fresh install of Windows 10 with the same result, so the issue isn’t with my system. If your copy of the game talks, would you mind checking the MD5 hash of SAPI_UNITY_DLL.dll in the Plugins directory? If we don’t have the same file, it would be confirmation that the one in this distribution is corrupted. Mine is: e68b46d58deea08e9588577d3d26cd88


I checked, and got the same hash as you. Zein, one of the developers, had the same result. The file size here is 9 kb as well, so I suppose the size difference is only there because the version of the game in the demo is an older one.

I’ve uploaded the plugin, if you’d like to replace it and test if something changes. But it seems to be the same one.

Most people who have reported this mentioned they’d recently freshly installed Windows, but I don’t see how that could be the problem, unless Microsoft no longer ships some SAPI components with Windows 10 that it once used to. The required dependencies are kernel32.dll, ole32.dll and msvcr120.dll. But so far people we’ve asked about this do have those files, and I assume you will, too.

Sorry to sound like a Microsoft support person, but … could you try to perform a system check? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as typing system.check in the console, but for a Microsoft help guide, this is surprisingly useful:


Resource check was the first thing I tried, no errors. I didn’t think to check the dependencies of the DLL though; it requires the Visual C++ 2013 redistributable package (x64 version) which I did not have installed. For anyone with the same issue, it can be downloaded here.


Hey! Sorry you had troubles and I'm glad you could figure it out. Thank you so much for sharing how to fix the problem. We were looking for the issue for a while now. I'll share it with our other players who might still have that problem. 


Deleted 1 year ago

Hi the text to speech works now after I installed that file. Now I can finally finish the game.