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One bug I encountered was in the Dairden Mines on the screen with the mushroom. After you click on the mushroom the first time and get it in your inventory, while you are still standing there, you are still able to click on the mushroom repeatedly getting the same text and seemingly getting as many mushrooms as you want in your inventory. I'm not sure how this affects any other major aspects of the game though, but it does kind of mess us things when you're trying to sell the regular mushrooms to Karth. He says he will give you 2 gold for each mushroom you sell but it doesn't say anything about you actually getting any gold and you amount of gold doesn't increase either. You do lose all the mushrooms in your inventory though still.

Haha, I wondered if anyone else found it.  I caught this the other day too, but it'll be fixed when we update along with the Steam launch.