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hi i have connected my flysky i6 and have a couple of issues. the first way i have connected is through the official flysky usb simulator cable and everything works fine nice and smooth except it doesn't pick anything to do with yaw up no movement what so ever. i know the cable works fine as i can pick everything up with the drl simulator. i have then tried to connect through mic port with the smart propoplus software and i can get everything connected and working but i get a couple of dead sections of travel on throttle and left roll. the throttle at mid point stops moving until i get get further up and then it jumps. same with roll left i move the stick to the left and it stops moving on screen until i get half way on sticks then it jumps across. aswell everything is smooth on propoplus software and also on drl simulator so i know it works fine. is there anything you can help me with or advise 

many thanks 


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Here are some general suggestions that often help when one channel is not recognized:

- Make sure you don't have any other joysticks/controllers connected, that might cause a conflict.
- If connecting via USB, make sure you uninstall vJoy and Smartpropoplus if you have them. Their driver messes with things when connecting via USB.
- Make sure you have "Heli" selected as model type on your radio. ("Plane" generally doesn't work very well).
- If you are using a USB dongle - check if there's a switch on the dongle where you can select different modes.
- Perhaps you can remap the output channels (in the menu of the transmitter) so that it sends to another channel.

As for your mic port problem, it sounds like there is some kind of dead zone activated. First of all, make sure that dead zone is turned off in the main menu of Freerider. Second, check if you can turn off the dead zone in the software that you use.

Btw, some Taranis users on linux are experiencing that there is always a dead zone by default. It needs to be turned off by running:

" $ jscal -c /dev/input/js0 "
( source:  https://github.com/opentx/open... )