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Haha, no worries :D

Also, if you need some motivation - I'm gonna spread some word around the Twitter about Conception ;

That's really nice of you; thanks. :)

Motivation's been a bit of an issue with my current project, but not so much with Conception. I made it within a time limit so its pretty much staying where it is for at least a year or so-- I'm terrible at programming so even getting Conception to the state its in was really difficult. Though I pretty much pulled all-nighters for it, most of it was spent on research. And a lot of the code was repetitive and tedious, so even that wasn't so bad.

The current project, though... I've already spent maybe half a year on design, art, and user research, but the programming is the biggest hurdle and motivation killer. ._. It's not my thing at all. I'll admit that its helping me think more logically though.

I feel you, bro :D

I'm a game-designer myself, and while I'm pretty good with GameMaker and it's GML, coding is still kinda tough thing for me. It's fun, but really takes A LOT of effort.

Yeah pretty much. Oh well; still a ways to go. :P