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Ah, I see. Well, thank goodness Metroid had taught me to look everywhere (i.e. check every room) before triggering the water tower incident.

Ah yes, that was what I was referring to. My habit of always saving at each Save point led to me restarting the game at least twice, mostly due to getting stuck in two places in the desert XD

Oh. You may or may not have mentioned that in the game's update file. Found two secrets in it as well, plus interesting details on what went on behind the scenes. I've yet to meet those 2 extra characters, and will avoid some areas if they're too rage-inducing :p

Ah yes, I read up on one user's comments on a certain block, and you explained that other characters have weapons that can help them get through them (although one small area can be accessed without said weapon, but you can't get back out from there :p).

On a side note, after comparing the background of one of your screenshots with the background of the area I was in, I looked around and found the Forgotten Drain area. Needless to say, that one jar was not worth it after repeated tries (and being unable to reach a ledge sealed the deal :p).

Bug report: Once I found Canal Jungilara, I started looking around for more Lore, only to come to a dead end (thunder blocks). When I tried to exit, the door took me to a different location which I couldn't get out of.

That Desert Hornet upgrade is really something else; I thought it was bugged, or something, till I figured out what that statement meant XD

The only upgrades I haven't found yet are those for the ATG Laser and the CryoSphere. Can I ask you about these two places in further detail through e-mail, along with the general whereabouts of the remaining Lore? I have only found 44 so far (not including the last one after facing off with Smith a second and third time) ?